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Hello! Welcome to Jump Team

If you are dreaming about your next career move, you are in the right place. With our multi-module course curriculum, we’ll take you by the hand, walk you through the steps to consider, create and execute a plan that will make your dream a reality.

Get your head out of the clouds, strap in and get prepared to make the jump! Let Jump Team be your parachute to the better career and the better life you deserve.

who we help

Career Coaching for News People

Jump Team helps news professionals make the jump from news room to corporate campus, agency or entrepreneurial venture.







how it works

Jump Team is a multi-course, virtual curriculum supported with live coaching calls that walks you through the steps to get you from news room to new career.

Zoom Coaching Sessions

Your Jump Team coach will meet with you weekly via live Zoom calls to work through the curriculum, answer questions and prompt additional thinking.


Complete Online Modules

Each curriculum module builds on the other to prepare you to confidently make the leap to your next career adventure.

Jump Team reviews your assignment

Your Jump Team coach reviews your curriculum assignments each week and discusses the key insights you gleaned from the work. She will share how those insights impact the next modules, which get you further along to taking that leap to a new career or establishing your own business.


what to expect

you don't need to jump alone

Through the Jump Team coaching and curriculum you will gain clarity on your future, and we'll help you stay motivated and focused on achieving the new career and lifestyle you desire. 

JT Number 1

You will understand what careers or business opportunities hold the best options based on your talents and passions.

JT Number 2

You will be able to articulate your skills in ways hiring managers will understand and value. Your new resume and personal branding will support your newly articulated "non-news" value proposition.

JT Number 3

You will know how to network to identify the best career opportunities.

Number 4

And if you are seeking to establish your own business, you will have a solid business plan that supports your high-value business concept and understand how to capture the customers you need to launch your business to the market.


Prep, Jump and Land



In this one-hour discovery call we will discuss what is leading you to consider a career transition.



This online course includes eight modules progressively moving you toward taking the jump.


Preparing to Jump Entrepreneur

This version of our online course is geared toward those wanting to jump to an entrepreneurial role.



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