Thinking of leaving news? Five signs you’re ready to make the jump

  1. You no longer find joy in the everyday. It takes a significant “special” event for joy to spark and each day feels like drudgery.
  2. You are tired of missing your child/spouse/friend’s (fill in the blank). How many more birthdays, holidays and special occasions are you willing to miss? If the answer is none, then you have your final answer.
  3. Your body hurts. Loss of sleep, chronic stress that lead to heart palpitations and headaches, unhealthy habits like increased drinking – these are all side effects of a demanding job. Pay attention to the signs
  4. You are angry – a lot. Anger is your first go-to emotion. You are angry at the company, co-workers, the job you are assigned to do. Anger can be a healthy emotion, but not in large doses. And it can lead to #3.
  5. You are jealous of your friends. They have lives. They seem happy with their careers. And if they are friends who have made the jump from news, you are doubly jealous. It’s time to make your friends in news jealous by finding your way out.

If you’ve checked three out of five, you need to take steps now to make a change.

Jump Team Coaching helps journalists make a transition out less scary.