Preparing to Jump – Entrepreneur

considering starting your own business? prepare through our 7-step course

Learn how to translate your skill set to position yourself for a new career outside of the news room through this 7-step curriculum created just for entrepreneurs. Plus, take the steps to prepare you to make that jump successfully.

A one-on-one weekly virtual live coaching call accompanies each module. We’ll review the curriculum, talk through the homework and supporting resources. Then we’ll review your hard work during the next call. With each module, you will get a clearer sense of your new business, how to create and launch it and parachute to your new career.

Post-curriculum, you may choose to stay engaged in bi-weekly calls with peers where you learn how to navigate being a new business owner and set yourself up for success.

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Rethinking Your Career

In this module you will begin to envision your life post-job. You’ll learn what jobs are possible and what they pay. You’ll explore your interests, talents and strengths. You will identify potential obstacles and how to overcome them.

  1. Visioning Exercise
  2. Fears & Foes
  3. Taking Stock
  4. Super Powers
  5. Dreaming About Possibilities

Building Your Skills-Based Resume

This module leads you through analyzing your skills, determining what skills you need for the job you may want to create for yourself, identifying how to get the skills you lack, and beginning to build your new resume that attracts the right customers.

  1. Skill Analysis
  2. Job/Skills Overlap
  3. On-the-Job Training
  4. Outside Training
  5. Creating a Skills-Based Resume

Rebranding Your Personal Brand

Your resume is just one way potential customers will learn more about you. How you show up on social platforms is critical. We will begin to retool your social channels to better match the job you want, rather than the job you have.

  1. Social Platform Analysis
  2. Rebranding Your Personal Brand
  3. Developing Your Content Strategy
  4. Making Important Connections

Constructing the Parachute

Everything starts with a plan. A solid foundation is needed to start a new business. You will learn how to create a business plan, going through the steps to determine your niche, target customer and your offer.

  1. Product or Service Offer
  2. Vision
  3. Competitors, Customers and Category
  4. Create a Premium Offering
  5. Pricing

Breaking Through the Clouds

How will you position your new business and ensure it's seen by those who need your product or service? In this module you will learn how to craft your unique position and share it with the world.

  1. Brand Positioning
  2. Marketing Yourself and Your Business
  3. Website and Content Creation
  4. The Art of the Warm Introduction
  5. Hello! Ask for the Sale

Tandems and Solos

You may have the opportunity to launch your new business with a partner or bring in expertise that you don’t have to flesh out your offer with a collaboration. How do you know what’s best?

  1. Solo, the risk vs. the reward
  2. Partnerships vs. Collaborations
  3. Financial Decisions
  4. Important Documents

Catching Wind

What happens once you’ve gotten your first 1-3 clients. How will you grow? Learn how to fill the pipeline and streamline the business of the business.

  1. Create an Opt-In
  2. Generating Traffic
  3. Build Your Funnel
  4. Track Your Finances
  5. Leverage Your Successes (Testimonials, Referrals)

Rip the Cord 1:1 Call
In this call we’ll discuss how to ease into your new career.