Preparing to Jump

In this eight-step course we'll walk together, getting you closer to taking that jump.

Learn how to translate your skill set to position yourself for a new career outside of the news room through this 8-module curriculum. Plus, take the steps to prepare you to make that jump successfully.

A one-on-one weekly virtual live coaching call accompanies each module. We’ll review the curriculum, talk through the homework and supporting resources. Then we’ll review your hard work during the next call. With each module, you will get a clearer sense of what job is possible, how to go after it and parachute to your new career.

Post-curriculum, you may choose to stay engaged in bi-weekly calls with peers where you learn how to make a smooth transition into your new position and set yourself up for success.

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Rethinking Your Career

In this module you will begin to envision your life post-job. You’ll learn what jobs are possible and what they pay. You’ll explore your interests, talents and strengths. You will identify potential obstacles and how to overcome them.

  1. Visioning Exercise
  2. Fears & Foes
  3. Taking Stock
  4. Super Powers
  5. Dreaming About Possibilities

Building Your Skills-Based Resume

This module leads you through analyzing your skills, determining what skills you need for the job you may want, identifying how to get the skills you lack, and beginning to build your new resume that attracts your idea job.

  1. Skill Analysis
  2. Job/Skills Overlap
  3. On the Job Training
  4. Outside Training
  5. Creating a Skills-Based Resume

Rebranding Your Personal Brand

Your resume is just one place hiring managers will look to learn more about you. How you show up on social platforms is critical. We will begin to retool your social channels to better match the job you want, rather than the job you have.

  1. Social Platform Analysis
  2. Rebranding Your Personal Brand
  3. Developing Your Content Strategy
  4. Making Important Connections

Getting Your House in Order

Determining how to make your next job a financial fit is an important step. In fact, it may be what’s keeping you up at night. We will review how you can make the transition without going into the poor house.

  1. Financial Review
  2. Taking Stock of Your Spending
  3. Creating a Portfolio Career

Leveraging Your Network

The chances of your network leading to your next job is high. So how do you get in front of the right people and do it confidentially (especially if you are still employed)? You will learn techniques for engaging friends, acquaintances and complete strangers.

  1. Who Do You Know?
  2. Utilizing LinkedIn
  3. The Art of the Warm Introduction
  4. Marketing Yourself
  5. Hello! Scripts

Identifying Your (Potential) Next Job

As you work your connections, you will parallel path a guerilla job search. Learn where to look and how to apply. You’ll develop the art of the compelling cover letter, and you’ll go through the process of applying for a job.

  1. Cover Letter 101
  2. Online Job Search Best Practices
  3. Get Out There – Applying for a Job

Making a Good Impression

As you wait to land that first interview, learn how to translate your resume into easy conversation where you clearly state your value to the organization. Prepare your responses to likely interview questions.

  1. The Interview: What to Expect
  2. Key Message Matrix
  3. Creating your :30 Elevator Speech
  4. Prep Questions

Preparing for the Interview

So, you’ve developed your story, practiced your messages and your elevator speech. Now, let’s put it to work. In this module we’ll do a mock interview customized for the job you are seeking and based on your skills. You will receive real time feedback.

  1. Mock Interview Drill
  2. Getting into the Right Frame of Mind
  3. Determining Your Reference list
  4. Interview Follow-Up Guide

Rip the Cord 1:1 Call
In this call we’ll talk discuss how to sustain your job search or ease into your new career.

Resumé & Cover Letter 101

We’ve combined two of our most popular courses to create our self-guided Resumé & Cover Letter 101 course that walks you through the steps to develop an optimized, highly-marketable resume and dynamic cover letter. Click to download now and get started.